Congo Project

Serving Central Africa

Introducing The Congo Project 2022


We have an amazing opportunity to make a difference for thousands of people, several key nations, and multiple generations! The Congo Project is one of the most important strategic initiatives in Foursquare for the advancement of the gospel and the opening of new nations in Africa, according to Global Area Director, Dan Lucero.

The Congo Project is about purchasing a strategic piece of land for the development of a Church Planting Center in Kinshasa, Congo. Kinshasa is the fastest growing city in all of Africa. Land in this overcrowded Mega-City is hard to find. We have a window of time to raise the funds to purchase this strategic piece of property and use it for God’s kingdom.

This property will allow Foursquare to develop a Church Planting Center that will train and mobilize church planters from numerous African nations including Chad, Cameroon, Gabon, The Central African Republic, The Republic of The Congo (the other smaller Congo country), São Tomé y Principe, and Guinea Equatorial.

This work will greatly strengthen the Foursquare work in the Sub-Saharan Nations of Africa and create strategic opportunities to open the gospel to the Muslim dominated Nations of Northern Africa. Let’s not miss this Kairos moment for the Kingdom of God.

One of our Atlantic District Churches has boldly lead the way on this project. The Bridge in Christiansburg, Virginia has raised $170,000 for the purchase of this land. That leaves $250,000 to raise to secure the land and build the church planting and training center. With faith and radical generosity, the 260 plus churches of the Atlantic District could greatly help provide the remaining $250,000. One way to think of this is 50 churches giving $5,000 each or 100 churches giving $2,500 each or 250 churches giving a $1,000. Of course, you can give more or less, every donation helps toward this worthwhile goal.

Would you and your church prayerfully consider helping us meet this incredible opportunity for the Gospel? “Together on Mission” we can make an amazing difference in the world!


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