New To The Hub?

We chose to name this resource "The Hub" because we believe this name best describes the place where all parts connect and join together to support a unified, cohesive, singular focus and motion; a place where stakeholders in the Gospel of Jesus as expressed through our movement may connect to find all manner of support; a place that empowers the individual extension from the core of the Gospel out into communities and lives.  The Hub symbol is based on the honey comb: a place where those invested in  building the Kingdom meet in unified force, where the framework supports the focus and is not the focus.  The Hub of any organization is not a place of control, but a structure offering stability to anything attached.  At The Hub, we will connect, we will increase our resources, we will expand our ideas and support each other in our callings.  The Hub is by us and for us: It is, as we are: Foursquare.

If you don’t yet have access to The Hub, please contact your district office to arrange training and obtain your user login.