Foursquare districts are temporarily closed

From May 15 to June 15, 2021, the Foursquare district offices are temporarily closed to train and onboard the consolidated district teams, and for deployment of the support infrastructure that will facilitate ongoing remote work arrangements. The district area and regional care structures will continue without interruption during this period.

Need some help or support while your district is in transition? We have you covered!

Get support while your district is temporarily closed



Meet your district supervisory team

  • Chanda Crutcher
  • Peter Bonanno
  • Carrie Jenkins

  • Antonio Sims
  • Beth Hackbarth
  • Pam Wold

  • Martin Ruarte
  • Rolando Cortes
  • Marysol Ramos

  • Dave Edler
  • David Eddy

  • Sheldon Lacsina

  • Billy Calderwood
  • Bill Chaney
  • Grace Kladnik
  • Mark Slomka

I still need help

If you need further assistance while your district is closed, please call your new district administrator.

District Email PHONE 
Atlantic 213.201.4850
Central  213.201.4840
National Hispanic  213.201.4810
Northwest  213.201.4820
Pacific 213.201.4860 
Western 213.201.4830 

You can also call reach the Foursquare One Team at 888.635.4234, and we can connect you with the right person.

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