South Asia

Serving Global Associate Director: George

About South Asia

As the world’s epicenter of unreached peoples, this region hosts over 1.7 billion people with little or no access to the gospel. But with fervent prayer lives and bold commitment, pastors and students in these nations testify to God’s love despite persecution, spiritual opposition and enormous pressure to be silent.

Priority Projects to be Funded

  • Translate Key Resources
    Gift discipleship and leadership training materials to South Asian pastors. The next two modules are ready for translation into Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Nepali, Tamil and Sinhalese languages. Cost: $500 USD/language for 1 module translation.

  • Spur on Leadership Development
    Give toward 4-day intensive leadership training events, focused on discipleship, mentoring and church development among unreached people groups. Pastors cover registration and transportation fees. Cost: $500-$1,000 USD/event, with 10 events/year.

  • Support Student Outreach
    Support kids’ after-school education enrichment programs, hosted by 15 rural churches, as outreaches in a creative access nation. Families pay small participation fee. Church provides workbooks, meeting space and tutors/teachers. Cost: $75 USD/month, per church.

Give now. By giving to Foursquare Missions International (FMI) through the Global Missions Fund, you support critical work to get the gospel to millions of unreached people in this region and worldwide.

Workers Wanted

  • South Asia: Church Networker with BAM Skills
    Network Foursquare churches across the densely populated nation. Must be a relational networker, passionate about unity, language learning, travel, and pastoral support. Commit to five years. Business as Mission (BAM) skills preferred. Individual, or couple with no/grown kids, welcome to apply.

  • South Asia: Micro business Entrepreneur
    Start a micro business with a missional focus in a rural or urban setting. Think: beekeeping, coffee shop, solar panel installation, wind power generators, cattle production, etc. Must be a relational, lifelong learner. Familiarity with developing nations preferred. Commit to 2-3 years. No language acquisition needed. Any age is welcome to apply.

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