South America

Serving Global Associate Director: Aaron Hunter

About South America

With over 20,000 Foursquare churches here, many believers thrive in this region’s warm, family-centric culture. But political unrest, displaced people, and economic challenges have affected the lives of millions. Plus, 2020’s pandemic left many families haunted by domestic abuse and addictions and seeking Christ’s healing and restoration. 

Nations with Foursquare presence: Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Priority Projects to be Funded

  • Pastoral Family Care: In a first-of-its-kind Pastors’ Kids Conference, you can support the hundreds of pastors’ kids in Latin America with a special event that will provide connection, healing, and release for these young adults. There will also be a focus on developing and sending those interested in a call to ministry. Cost: $25,000.
  • Leadership Development in Latin America: Help host regular events that bring together pastors and national board members to train leaders and develop national strategic development throughout Latin America. Includes quarterly Awake events that focus on training emerging leaders, ages 18-25. Cost: $15,000 USD per event.
  • Missionary Care: Contribute to the cost of a special retreat for the 120 FMI missionary workers and emissaries in the Americas this coming year. It will focus on refreshing and investing in the long-term health of those who have faithfully shared the gospel throughout the region. Cost: $50,000.

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Workers Wanted

  • Next Gen Coordinator in Latin America
    Focus to equip and resource Next Gen leaders with tools they need to engage and disciple children and youth.

  • Church Planter in Urban Area
    Reach working professionals (e.g., lawyers, doctors, architects) as house church planters in urban areas such as Lima, Peru, or Asunción, Paraguay, Ecuador or throughout Argentina. Commit to seven years. Must have church planting experience or has been a lead pastor. Must be a creative thinker and speak Spanish. Working professionals preferred over seminary students. Families or a team of friends are welcome to apply. 

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