Daniel & Yolanda Rivera (Puerto Rico)

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Daniel and Yolanda met in Chicago, Ill. as Daniel was serving as a commander in a young boys ministry called Royal Rangers. Yolanda was a single mom raising her nine-year old son Isaiah. From the beginning, Daniel and Isaiah had an inseparable bond. It wasn't too long before Daniel and Yolanda fell in love and married. More than a decade later, Isaiah in an adult and older brother to Natalia and Mateo. 

Daniel and Yolanda love exploring new areas, trying new foods, and finding a quiet place to enjoy a good cup of coffee (hot cocoa for Yolanda) and read a book. Isaiah is a gamer with a heart to serve. Natalia is full of talents in the area of singing and dancing. And, Mateo just wants to make you laugh. Give him a stick and he's happy! 


Daniel - October 14
Yolanda - August 22
Isaiah - November 7
Natalia - November 27
Mateo - October 22

Daniel & Yolanda - October 6


Daniel and Yolanda will initially serve local Foursquare churches in Puerto Rico and build community relationships. Their goal is to establish a community center reaching out to the addicted and broken so they will find freedom in Christ. 

Through this ministry, they will start a church and send out leaders and others to plant more churches from municipal to municipal. They will also be available to serve within the churches in different capacities such as administration, Next Gen ministries, teaching, Operation Solid Lives, English language and leadership development.

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