Stew Powers (Sweden)

Serving Europe



Birthday: 15 March 1980
Deployment Date: 21 September 2017


Many missionaries get the call to go south, I got the call to go north.  As a missionary to Sweden I currently serve a pentacostal church in Piteå, Norrbotten, Sweden.  Piteå (Pee-tee-oh) is just a very short drive south of the arctic circle along the northern tip of the Baltic Sea.  It is home to 40,000 people in the area mostly of which are Swedish people, but also a growing number of immigrants from many places including closed countries.  

My mission is focused on discipleship, youth work, leadership development, and fellowship.  I am also studying the Swedish language in a local school.  Language is an important part of mission work.  The church I serve operates in Swedish, as do most of the locals.  


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