Tim & Kristina O'Toole (Ireland)

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Both Tim and Kristina are graduates of LIFE Bible College-East and are ordained Foursquare ministers. In their 24 years of vocational ministry, the O’Tooles have served as youth pastors, lead pastors and church planters in both the Southeast and Northeast Districts.

Prior to coming to Ireland, in 2011, Tim and Kristina planted and pastored The Bridge in Groton, Connecticut. During this time, Tim served as Divisional Superintendent for the state of Connecticut and both served as District church planting coaches and assessors.


Timothy - July 19
Kristina - March 7
Elijah - February 13
Maddy - July 24

Tim & Kristina - June 4


Deployed since 2011, the O’Tooles are serving as church planting missionaries in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. Their assignment of starting a church planting movement began with establishing 
Dóchas Nua (Irish for New Hope). Through Dóchas Nua, the O’Tooles are raising up Irish pastors to plant Irish churches and to see Ireland return to the church planting, missionary sending days of St. Patrick.

In addition to the ministry of Dóchas Nua, the O’Tooles are meeting practical needs in the community through Serve The City Galway and leading volunteers to partner with and serve their city council, social workers, refugees, and others in need. 

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