Ted & Sou Olbrich (Cambodia)

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Ted and Sou have four grown children and five grandchildren who all reside in the USA.

Ted and Sou serve the Lord as FMI missionaries in Phnom Penh. When the Olbrichs first went to Cambodia in 1998 there was one small Foursquare Church. Today, Foursquare Cambodia is one of the fastest growing national church works in the world with more than 5,000 Foursquare Churches. In addition, Ted and Sou founded "Foursquare Children of Promise" (FCOP International). This organization is dedicated to seeing Cambodia come to holistic health in Christ through setting up refuge centers that meet the urgent needs of orphaned, abandoned, and separated children. These children are raised in a church family environment and become responsible, productive citizens within Cambodian society.
During their 21 years in Cambodia, Ted and Sou have cared for in excess of 20,000 orphans. FCOPI currently operates 106 refuge centers with 3,000 children and widows in their care.  For every 5 children, FCOPI has one Cambodian staff member (usually a widow), thus fulfilling James 1:27. FCOPI is bringing spiritual truth, social restoration, economic renewal through creating sustainable micro-enterprise programs, and promoting healthy family values all over Cambodia. We also prevent human trafficking, slavery, and the breaking up of families.

"We will show you our faith by what we do." James 2:18

More information about the Olbrichs and Foursquare Children of Promise can be found at www.fcopi.org

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