Jared & Kelly Mueller (El Salvador)

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Jared and Kelly have two children, Ezra and Benjamin. Ezra and Ben were six and eight years old when they moved and have spent a large portion of their life in El Salvador. They love surfing, music and exploring this beautiful country.  As church planters they have been a ministry team and all have their tasks to do; it has been a joy to watch our young church family grow and become part of our own family.


Jared - February 14
Kelly - February 7
Ezra - September 28
Ben - February 25

Jared & Kelly - April 24


The Muellers are working in San Salvador with three other churches doing relief work with families affected by the strains from shutdowns and quarantine and are now lacking food due to the COVID-19 crisis. On May 30-31, Tropical Storm Amanda hit the country and left 12,000 people in shelters. The relief work has been ongoing to supply food and other necessitates. More information is available at the following blog post: https://jkmueller.com/2020/06/10/tropical-storm-amanda-2020

The Muellers planted Hope Chapel San Salvador in 2017 and assist the National Church of El Salvador to equip future church planters, host short-term teams, and develop discipleship for youth and adults. 


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