Serving Area Missionary: Sam Winston

About MENACA (Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia)

Government instability in this region has caused widespread unrest, leading to the highest number of internally displaced people worldwide. Though it is one of the least evangelized regions, God is moving as local leaders report a growing openness to the gospel, especially among desperately hurting refugees and lively urban centers.

Nations with Foursquare presence: Armenia, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Turkey and more creative access countries.

Priority Projects to be Funded

  • Train Church Planters for the Silk RoadInvest in indigenous leaders taking the gospel to their nations closed to Christianity. They attend Foursquare’s training center in Kazakhstan, then are sent out to plant churches along the Silk Road. Cost: $1,000 USD/student scholarship.

  • Launch Missionaries to Reach Arabic Speakers
    Train and launch three Foursquare missionary families from Latin America, which has a “Macedonian Call” to the Middle East. Arabs often culturally connect more with Latin Americans than with Westerners. Cost: $1,000 USD/month for 2 years.

  • Reach Diaspora Communities
    Give toward reaching diaspora workers throughout the Arabian Gulf. To do so takes strategic outreach, discipleship, church costs and pastoral care across multiple nations. Cost: $3,000 USD/month. 

Give Now. By giving to Foursquare Missions International’s Global Missions Fund, you help bring the gospel to unreached people in places like MENACA and around the world.

Workers Wanted

  • Cairo, Egypt
    Lead a team to plant churches and launch business-as-mission in Cairo, the strategic entryway to the Arab world. Must be relationally oriented and goal-oriented. Commit to 5+ years. Multicultural team leadership required.

  • Levantine Arabic Region
    Develop a team to make disciples and plant churches in strategic city centers. Must learn Levantine Arabic language and culture. Commit to 5+ years. Bring experience with unreached peoples, theological training, and leadership skills.

  • MENACA: Part-Time
    Train workers on practical biblical training or business to maintain ministry (e.g., accounting) with effectiveness. Must be an experienced leader who will not force the American way. Commit to short-term trips (3-4 days, or 8-9 days) from the United States to MENACA region.

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