Joel & Keturah Mayer (Estonia)

Serving Europe



Keturah and Joel have had a heart for missions for many years. Their journey together began in 2006, when they went on a prayer journey to Southeast Asia. In 2008, they served together at an orphanage in Ethiopia, and in October 2010, they sensed God's call to long-term missions. In 2011, they went on a discovery trip to Estonia. On that visit, they fell in love with the people and country of Estonia and are grateful for the opportunity to share the gospel with the people of Estonia and the broader region of Europe.


Joel - October 11
Keturah - May 17
Atlee - January 24
Asher and Lars - October 16

Joel & Keturah - May 15


Joel and Keturah are focusing on innovating new and relevant approaches to church planting in a post-Christian urban setting and they are helping establish a core team of church planters who will be trained and prepared to plant Foursquare churches and ministries in the capitol city of Tallinn.

Currently there are two house church's in the network in Tallinn. We have a goal of seeing these churches grow from new salvations. We have a strong focus on serving those in need in our local area and throughout Estonia. 


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