Jonathan and Nela Marsden (Wales)

Serving Europe



We met in 1987 when Jonathan was on a one year mission trip to the Philippines with FEBC. We married in 1988. Jonathan had joined FEBA Radio as a long-term missionary. After five years with FEBC Philippines, Jonathan was deployed to ICMC in Colorado and then Mission Aviation Fellowship in California, where we settled for 20 years. In 1999, Jonathan’s US religious worker visa was not renewed. This led to going back into commercial computing, and eventually to working with CCO and becoming part owner. In 2019 Jonathan felt a call to return to to full-time mission. After attending a Perspectives Course, we applied with FMI and became licenced ministers. We have a son, David who is married to Leah, a daughter Esther and a new grandson, Azariah.


Jonathan Marsden August 4th
Nela Marsden September 13th
Wedding anniversary October 22nd


We hope to support and encourage the local church in Wales. Initially we plan to help out in Bethel church in Pembroke Dock, where FMI missionaries Mike and Mary Bave are pastors, with the future possibility of eventually pastoring a very small local church in the area which does not currently have any pastoral staff. We hope to help the local church in Wales be a source of hope and strength to the local community, reflecting God’s light and grace, while connecting people to one another and to Jesus.


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