Annette Kiyuna (Japan)

Serving North Asia



Annette serves at Jujika Fukuin Kyoukai (Gospel of the Cross Church) in Yomitan, Okinawa. She enjoys being a part of the Kids Church crew. While all the children of this church family give her much joy and laughter; she works primarily with the English-speakers. She said, "These kids love to sing, so we learn about Jesus and The Word through songs. We also have a couple of pre-schoolers, and I try to give Bible verses 'a beat' and put it into action. I think the physical movement helps these youngsters to remember more of the words. I know it helps me!"


Initially, Annette spent time in language learning in Sapporo (Hokkaido) while helping FMI missionary Renee Williams, then moved further south to Tokorozawa (near Tokyo.) On a music-ministry trip with her pastors, Annette traveled to Okinawa, and sensed that that was where she was to be.

She shared, "I'm serving the Lord in my ancestral homeland! I'm serving the Lord in the place where my four grandparents were born!"


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