Garry & Brenda Kean (Kenya)

Serving East Africa



Garry & Brenda have four daughters: Kaitlyn, Lillian, Caeli and Brayden. Kaitlyn is married to Manny Alvarez and has her doctorate in physical therapy and is practicing in California. Lillian is a graduate of Wheaton College, and Caeli graduates in 2021 from Wheaton as well. Brayden is homeschooling to help facilitate the mission work which requires traveling and she is in the seventh grade.  


Brenda - September 26
Garry - November 8
Kaitlyn - November 9
Lillian - March 17
Caeli - April 20
Brayden - April 5

Garry & Brenda - June 16


Garry and Brenda launched an urban church plant from the slums of Nairobi and continue to help form strategic interdenominational partnerships developing care for the marginalized. They desire to bridge denominations and missions organizations within Kenya.

Through the ministry they developed Jacaranda Community Nairobi. Garry and Brenda help single women and mothers earn a living by sewing beautiful products through the rapidly growing micro enterprise Jacaranda Creations. Seven full-time nationals are now leading this ministry including the additional branches of ministry; Jacaranda Kids child sponsorship, Jacaranda Care giving food, clothing, home visits and medical care as well as the school Jacaranda Academic Centre. 


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