Brenda Kean (Kenya)

Serving East Africa



Brenda has four daughters, Kaitlyn, Lillian, Caeli and Brayden.  Kaitlyn is married to Manny Alvarez and she has her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, practicing in California. Lillian is married to Cade Kamaleson and is living in Chicago, she is an Artist, a Doula and is continuing her studies in nursing. Caeli is also living in Chicago after graduating from Wheaton College. Brayden has just finished Grade 9 through Classical Conversations Homeschool Program.


Brenda - September 26
Kaitlyn - November 9
Lillian - March 17
Caeli - April 20
Brayden - April 5


Brenda is continuing to work with the church they planted from the slums of Nairobi, helping to form strategic interdenominational partnerships and developing care for the marginalized.

The ministry has developed into Jacaranda Community Nairobi which she serves as the Executive Director. Within Kenya the ministry is now overseen by seven full-time nationals and has various branches of ministry.

The growing micro enterprise, Jacaranda Creations helps single women and mothers to earn a living through sewing beautiful products. Jacaranda Kids is a child sponsorship program providing education for children Pre-School through Grade 12 as well as University Students. Jacaranda Care provides medical care, food and clothing, meeting practical needs. A down payment has been made to purchase land for the growing school, Jacaranda Academic Centre, which is home to 110 students Pre-school through 6th Grade. The recent building project of Jacaranda Hope Center in Kibera Slum is prepared with a solid foundation and awaiting the next steps. It will house a sewing center and another church.


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