Scott Jungers (Niger)

Serving West Africa and Francophone Nations



Scott and Kyle pastored in Richmond Virginia for 18 years while they raised their four children. Scott is a graduate of LIFE Bible College East and they have been working with the Foursquare Niger Mission since 2013. 


Scott- October 13
Kyle- September 23

June 20

As Emissaries, Scott and Kyle work along with FMI Area Missionaries Daniel and Martine Lucero. They will help organize a discipleship plan for Foursquare Niger, assist mission teams, and help connect partner churches with opportunities to serve the unreached in Niger. The nation of Niger is located in an area of Africa called the Sahel, a predominately unreached part of the world. This is an open nation; meaning, there is religious freedom, even though it is 94% Muslim nation.  Scott and Kyles ministry include being on mission in Niger as well as traveling to US churches and helping them extend their global reach. 

Part of God's Global Mission With Foursquare Missions

Foursquare Missions International (FMI) trains and sends missions workers to unreached and under-reached peoples. Our FMI workers and missionaries are part of cultivating indigenous movements in 147 nations, and they actively help fulfill Jesus' Great Commission to make genuine disciples of every nation and people group.

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