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Gary and Paula are both ordained Foursquare ministers. Prior to going into ministry, Gary served in the Air Force, then went into business and was a national manager for Nestle Corporation. Paula worked as a seminar manager and medical technologist. They both enjoy speaking, singing, and traveling.


Gary - July 23
Paula - June 22

Gary & Paula - June 27


Gary and Paula are Multi-Regional FMI workers who focus on mobilizing churches worldwide to do child evangelism, discipleship and prevention of child trafficking, abuse and drugs.

They moved to Thailand in 2005 as Foursquare FMI Missionaries and developed a series of thinkSMALL Gospel Child Protection Workshops (for adults and youth) and community outreaches (for children).

Their ministry continues to expand (by invitation) into other countries in Asia, Africa and South America including Thailand, restricted nations in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and Peru.  Soon they will be expanding into other African, Asian and S. American nations and into the Middle East. 

From 2007-2021 they documented over 730,000 children (and adults) who made decisions for Jesus--over 80% of them have entered discipleship.  

They train and develop leadership teams of local, passionate believers who work to train, equip, accompany, and mobilize local church teams of all denominations.  Local churches are trained to evangelize, disciple, and protect children.

Prayer Requests:

  • That children worldwide have the opportunity to be safe and to know and follow Jesus!
  • For wisdom, discernment, guidance, provision, health, favor, and fruitfulness for our teams and partners.



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