Global Missions Fund


Your giving to the Global Missions Fund (GMF) supports these 11 area missionaries and their work to reach unreached and least-reached people in 15 regions of the world. The GMF also helps to recruit, train, deploy, coach, and care for the 298 missionary workers in these regions.  
Since 1927, the Global Missions Fund (GMF) has enabled Foursquare Missions International (FMI) to send the highest-caliber missionaries and mobilize leaders and churches to focus on developing church planting movements among unreached and under-reached cities, nations and people. This handful of key leaders is responsible for facilitating a movement that has resulted in a growing network of some 100,000 churches, in over 145 nations and territories. 100% of giving goes to planting the gospel and making disciples among some of the hardest to reach people in some of the most challenging places.  

The GMF is funded by tax-deductible donations from churches and individuals like you. The GMF’s impact reaches from down the street to the farthest reaches of the globe.  

Here’s three key ways the Global Missions Fund is at work

  1. Bringing the Gospel to the Unreached: The Gospel works in hostile places, where faith in Jesus can mean a jail cell. To stay safe, workers in these areas can’t publicly fundraise. In fact, most people don’t even know who they are. But we know them. Your giving to the GMF ensures they have what they need to bring God’s love to the most unreached people, and it helps remove many obstacles they face.
  2. Health + Care for Missionary Workers: FMI’s GMF enables our 11 area missionaries to bring health, strength, and service that ripples throughout the nations. This team of unsung superheroes are on the front lines of caring for our 298 missionary workers that FMI sends to the field. Plus, each area missionary oversees Foursquare missions work in a large region of the globe, sometimes spanning over a dozen nations.

  3. Global Partnership + Culturally Contextualized Ministry: Through the GMF, our area missionaries also develop partnerships with indigenous leaders worldwide, and find creative ways to bring the gospel to each culture. That’s the beauty of Foursquare missions. We help contextualize Christ’s consistent message to people we reach. Our GMF allows for a healthy partnership, forward-moving development, and projects propelled by ministry creativity.  

Thank you for your support to bring God’s love to unreached, under-reached and least-reached people worldwide.


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