Jason & Angelique Betler (Singapore)

Serving Southeast Asia



Jason and Angélique met in Germany while working for Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s ministry. Their shared passion for the gospel and the people of Asia has led them into missionary work. 

They have three children, Juoleanne (16) – the artist, Jonathan (13) – who wants to design roller coasters, and Jeremiah (11) – the “family comedian” who was born in Singapore.

The Betlers have lived in Orlando, Florida (USA), Singapore, and most recently pastored five years in San Jose, California. They are returning to the work in Southeast Asia as FMI missionaries in 2021.


Jason Betler                08/07

Angélique Betler         10/18

Juoleanne Betler         09/18

Jonathan Betler          05/26

Jeremiah Betler           01/18


Based in Singapore, the Betlers are also working with Foursquare churches in Malaysia and Indonesia; part of the 10/40 window with high concentrations of unreached peoples. Their discipleship work among the nations is focused on bringing the hope of Christ through evangelistic initiatives, equipping local churches for gospel-impact and leadership development.

Jason and Angélique have 11 years of previous ministry experience in Southeast Asia which provides an interdenominational platform for evangelism throughout the region.


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