Mike & Stacy Collins (Tanzania)

Serving East and Southern Africa



Mike and Stacy Collins retired from the chemical industry in 2018 to become full time FMI missionaries to East Africa. Mike is trained as a civil engineer and is a licensed Foursquare minister. Stacy is an ordained Foursquare minister and a 2020 graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry & Leadership from Life Pacific University. The Collins’ have four adults children, all who are married to wonderful spouses, with a total of eight awesome grandchildren (four boys and four girls). They are looking forward to seeing how God is going to use their background and experiences to share the gospel in East Africa.


Mike - February 17
Stacy - April 13

Mike & Stacy - March 30


The Collins’ are working with the Tanzania Foursquare Church to train and develop leaders for ministry, help with national church infrastructure development, and aid the national church in reaching out to Unreached People Groups.

Children's Ministry and the training of children's ministers is also an important area of focus seeing that 44% of the population of Tanzania is between ages 0 - 14. The Collins' are passionate about translating and printing Bible materials in Swahili and other needed languages for the East African region.

Mike and Stacy are available to provide training in other East African countries at the request and direction of the Regional Council and Area Missionary.


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