Mike & Bee Arter (Thailand)

Serving Southeast Asia



Mike has been serving as a Foursquare Missionary to Thailand since 2006. He is a graduate of Life Pacific University. Mike and Bee have three wonderful children, two daughters and a son.


Mike - April 9
Bee - January 16
Beam - March 28
Faith - April 9
Big Mac - February 6

Mike & Bee - May 5


Mike and Bee serve in Maesot, Thailand. We are now in our third week of quarantine. Malls, restaurants, schools and all learning centers have been shut down. We have had to shut down our learning outreach center since March 16th until at least the end of June. Also many small shops have been shut down. There are many families here, who earn just enough to make it day by day. Bee and I are doing all we can to help families in great need of food. Each day is a step of faith. Bee and I humbly ask for your prayers and financial support as we continue to minister to and reach families in need.  

Mike and Bee oversee the Grace House ministry, a safe house for girls at high risk of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Most of the girls are from homes where the mothers have committed suicide or the fathers are on drugs, and some are left to be raised by their grandparents who are gone to the city to sell vegetables for days at a time. Human trafficking is rampant in the hill tribes as there is no one to protect the children. With millions affected by what is currently taking place around the world, we humbly ask for your prayers and financial support to continue to provide a safe place for these precious girls. There are many more girls who are at a high risk, but without financial support, we are not accept any more.

Mike and Bee also reach out to the community through their learning outreach center where they reach more than 140 children and their families with the gospel through teaching English conversation. Two Bible study groups have come out of the learning outreach center and there are now more than 10 children and youth attending church on a regular basis. We are praying and believing for more! We also reach out to young children and youth as well as their families in helping with food, clothing, and school supplies. Please consider partnering with us as we reach out to these children and their families. We are praying and believing that we will be able to open again at the start of May. 


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