Foursquare NextGen

The Foursquare family is comprised of numerous generations working together, and our NextGen ministry is no exception. From cradle to college, the NextGen department covers this rising, diverse group.

Foursquare NextGen Objectives

The objectives of the Foursquare NextGen department:

  1. Empower churches to disciple NextGen students from birth through young adulthood.
    Taking the whole gospel to the whole world.
  2. Identify callings: Intentionally help each individual to develop their mission and purpose.
    If we assist NextGen students in identifying their calling now, when they are adults, they won’t be spiritually frustrated.
  3. Network churches by providing clear pathways to connect the next generation to training opportunities.
    Raising the bar in training for real world ministry. It’s our job to help define clear pathways for students to find spiritual growth and empower them to succeed in ministry leadership through ministry training and discipleship.


Marcus Ellington, the national NextGen lead, together with your district is here to support local NextGen work.

For more information on serving the next generation in your church and community, contact your local district.

NextGen Resources

Check out these great resources to help equip your NextGen staff and volunteers.

Continuing Training

Looking for quality ministry training for your post-high school students?

Emerging Leader Network (ELN)

“Equipping the church to train and send young leaders.”

Visit ELN's Website

Life Pacific University - Virginia

Educating, training, and equipping emerging leaders.

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Life Pacific University (LPU)

“Educate your Mind. Empower Your Future.”

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