Foursquare Missions Press

Foursquare Missions Press, founded by Karl and Leona Williams in 1981, was created in response to the need for gospel literature.

200 million free tracts, booklets and books later, this fully donor-funded organization has shared the good news of Jesus Christ with 115 countries in 60 different languages.

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The Children’s Gospel Box

Born in response to the desperate need for children’s learning and training materials, the Children’s Gospel Box delivers resource and training materials to children’s workers in poor countries. Resources have now been sent to at least 55 countries. To date there have been more than 17,000 boxes sent, and more than 1 million children have received the gospel message.

Each Children’s Gospel Box reaches an estimated 150 children, and costs an average of $150 to complete and ship. Give to the Children’s Gospel Box fund.

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