From its inception, Foursquare has been a globally focused movement. As we have grown to include churches and ministries from every corner of the globe, we have also grown our leadership to include an array of different voices.

Those voices—from men and women, young and old, and a diversity of cultures—help Foursquare accurately represent the myriad character of a kingdom that spans every tongue and nation.

As the modern world becomes increasingly multicultural, our global movement is in an excellent position to meet that growing ministry opportunity. Foursquare's Urban Multicultural Council facilitates unique training for leaders in multicultural communities. Learn more about that training.

We have also formed ethnic councils and leadership networks to connect leaders of specific ethnicities serving across the globe and to ensure that their valuable perspectives and interests are represented.  Contact FMI to learn more about our councils.

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The Foursquare Church was founded by passionate, visionary female leadership, and that legacy has never waned. Godly women have always been an indispensable part of how God has directed our movement. From local, credentialed pastors to global cabinet positions, every level of Foursquare has benefitted from women in leadership. It's a legacy we are proud of and one that won't be going anywhere.

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Throughout his letters to his churches, the apostle Paul wrote about the importance of encouraging young leaders and honoring elders. We take that advice to heart by including voices that span multiple generations. As a result, we have specific leadership bodies for every generation. NextGen disciples our children and mentors young leaders, while ForeRunners offers fellowship and a place of honor for our elder and retired ministers. Learn more about NextGen or ForeRunners .

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