Foursquare is updating the way we credential ministers in order to serve our future leaders better.

We have placed a moratorium on licensing so that we can honor those currently in the process, helping them to either complete their credentialing or move to the new process.

We have analyzed the data regarding how many people start the credentialing process, where they get stuck along the way, and we have listened to stories of how challenging the current process is to navigate. Another point of contention for many was the frustration of how the process varied from district to district.
We have selected five of the current district licensing coordinators to serve on the national credentials team for all applicants.
Some new highlights you can look forward to:
  • Applicants will contact the national credentialing team by phone or online to begin the qualifying phase. This will be conducted in a relational manner with one of the team members personally engaged through various aspects of the process, such as the completion of the application, background check, references and past ethics matters.
  • When the qualifying phase is complete, the team member will enroll the applicant in the coursework and connect her/him with a coach. For non-English speaking applicants, we will make the polity course available in their language either live or via Zoom.
  • A pool of coaches is being selected, and they will be trained to serve all applicants. When the coursework is complete, the coach will notify the credentials team, who will then schedule an online interview. Any church that has a coaching system locally can continue in partnership with the credentials team.
We will begin accepting credentialing inquiries on May 15, with a plan to launch the new credentialing process on June 15. There are many more details to come regarding the content of the coursework and process. Our desire is for licensing to be a welcoming and enjoyable experience with relevant content that clearly expresses our beliefs, culture and heritage—an experience people connect with and build relationships through.