Do you feel called to serve as a minister with The Foursquare Church? Whether you are called to serve a local church, as a chaplain, church planter, or global worker, here are the steps you’ll take to become credentialed within Foursquare.

Ministry Appointments

In order to be licensed, candidates must receive an appointment to serve as a minister within The Foursquare Church. Candidates who are serving in non-Foursquare appointments may pursue credentialing through the Foursquare Association.

Steps within the licensing process

Step 1: Online or phone inquiry

Step 2: Consultation and orientation

Step 3: References

Step 4: Application payment and background check

Step 5: Application review with panel

Step 6: Licensing course

Step 7: Coach endorsement

Step 8: Licensing panel interview

Step 9: Board approval and ministry appointment

Step 10: Two-year growth plan toward ordination

Interested in Licensing?


Download a PDF version of the licensing process

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