Getting Started With Foursquare Missions

  • Identify and confirm a call for missions; know where and why God is calling you
  • Download the FMI Deployment Guide English | Español
  • Get a written recommendation from your pastor (Note: Candidates must attend a Foursquare church for consideration of deployment with FMI.)
  • Attend FMI's Missionary Training

Requirements for Serving With FMI

Serving as a missionary to another country is no small task. FMI is looking for dedicated and faithful people with a proven track record of ministry service. Below are the prerequisites we look for in a successful missionary candidate.

All applicants are required to complete the Perspectives Course as a foundation for missions training. Perspectives is an academic course covering the history and theology of global missions. The course is offered at over 200 locations nationwide or online. For more information, visit While FMI will accept the completion of the key reading level, we would highly recommend the certificate or college credit level.

Those desiring to go abroad to minister should have some cross-cultural experience in their local community or in another country. Most U.S. communities provide opportunities to work with other cultures. Being involved in cross-cultural ministry at home can provide a wealth of experience for the mission field.

It is important for applicants to have a passport and to have made at least two missions trips outside of the U.S. FMI will be asking for positive feedback from the team leader as a part of the application process. Trips of this type can be accomplished through your church sending a team or by signing up to go with an already established team. Those interested in going on trips through FMI can see upcoming opportunities here.

FMI recommends that language learning begins immediately. Language acquisition can be very time-consuming. When missionaries already know the language prior to deployment, it helps them to better understand the culture and to minister more effectively.

Regardless of the job description, a missionary may be asked to speak and to lead Bible studies. It is imperative that even those in support roles such as administrative assistants or building contractors have completed at least a basic discipleship course. Formal biblical education and previous church-planting experience in the U.S. are required for those desiring to plant churches in the field (some exceptions may apply).

Current Long-Term Missions Opportunities

For those who do not yet have a specific destination in mind, or for those looking for a specific job with no preference for location, we have compiled a list of current opportunities for long-term missions with FMI.

Worker Opportunities

Leaderships positions for experienced and licensed Foursquare ministers

Mid-Term Opportunities

These opportunities are for professionals or those with a specific skill (e.g., contractor, teacher)

Internship Opportunities

These one-year internships are for those looking for hands-on experience in the field before applying to become a full-time missionary.

Looking for More?

Has God called you to go, but you don't see what you have in mind on these lists? Contact our team.