Local Educational Opportunities

Local Church Learning (Institutes)

Ministry Training Institutes provide Foursquare churches with the opportunity to invest in leadership with relational teaching and opportunities for hands-on practice. They offer a cost-effective and convenient option for ministry training, ideal for leaders and laypeople alike.

Interested in opening an institute? Read our Q+A for Prospective Institute-Launchers, and email us to get started today.

Looking for a Foursquare Christian School or Daycare?

Find a school near you using the Foursquare Locator.

Looking to open your own Foursquare affiliated school or daycare? Contact us.

Emerging Leader Network

Emerging Leader Network (ELN) is a network of church-based discipleship programs within The Foursquare Church. ELN exists to resource the leaders equipping the incoming generation of leaders so that we can effectively bring the gospel to the whole world.

Looking to open an ELN? Contact us.

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For more information about becoming an institute or to submit reports, please contact us.

Looking to launch an institute?

Launch a Ministry Institute through your Foursquare church and see lives transformed. Although starting an institute requires intensive preparation and a long-term commitment from church staff, the results can be very rewarding. Consider these questions below:

What is your church’s vision for ministry over the next 10 years? Is a long-term commitment to an institution feasible? Do you have qualified faculty available? Each instructor should have a minimum of a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, along with ministry experience. Are you willing to release people to become licensed ministers after they have completed training? Are there nearby churches that you could partner with in establishing an institute? Do you have facilities that can accommodate institute classrooms and a library on a consistent, long-term basis? Does your church have the financial means to launch an institute? Facilities, equipment and salaries must all be considered.

Looking for more information? Check out our PDF, 21 Questions and Answers for Prospective Institute Leaders, and prayerfully consider next steps for your church.

If your church would like to launch a Ministry Training Institute, here’s how to get started:

One year before your targeted startup date, contact your district supervisor and request approval to start an institute.

Next, contact Leadership Training and Education and they will guide you through the startup process.

Download the Institutes Startup Manual, the Foursquare Ministry Training Handbook of Operations Revised Edition and the Application for Certification.

Mail the completed Application for Certification with a check for the $100 application fee (made payable to ICFG) to:

Foursquare Ministry Training Institutes

PO Box 26902
Los Angeles, CA 90026

The Leadership Training and Education Office will contact you to set up an on-site appraisal of facilities and resources. You will then receive a written review of the appraisal, including observations and recommendations. You can then make any necessary adjustments in order to comply with guidelines and standards, and submit verification of compliance.

Your completed application will be reviewed by the institute committee and submitted to the Foursquare board of directors for approval.

We are here to help you! If you have any questions about Ministry Training Institutes, contact us via e-mail, or call us directly at 213.989.4258.