Student Learning Opportunities

Emerging Leader Network

Looking to send your students to an ELN?

Life Pacific College

LPC was ranked the number one “most affordable, private, regionally accredited, Christian college in California.” Looking to send students to Life Pacific College?


“LPC–Ignite exists to educate, train, and equip emerging leaders to discover and pursue their Life-Mission.” Want to send students to LPC-Ignite?

Church-Based Bible Colleges

Church-based bible colleges are listed here.

If you are interested in becoming a church-based bible college, contact us today.

Opportunities for Spanish-Speakers

Foursquare is in relationship with the following institutions that provide opportunities for Spanish-Speakers.

Alabaster House Legacy Scholarships

Young women currently pursuing higher education in preparation for ministry leadership are eligible for Alabaster House Legacy Scholarships. Applications are typically accepted beginning in February and are due in May. The following scholarships are available:

Bible College Scholarship | Three $2,000 annual awards

This award is intended to empower women planning to enter a vocational ministry program leading to Foursquare credentialing. Funds are provided for education received through an accredited Foursquare Bible college.

Download the Bible College Scholarship Application

Emerging Leader Scholarship | Two $500 annual awards

This award is intended to encourage the education of young women for vocational ministry through a Foursquare certified Emerging Leader Network (ELN) program.

Download the Emerging Leader Network Scholarship Application

LPC–Ignite Scholarship | One $1,000 award

This award is intended to encourage the education of young women for vocational ministry through LPC–Ignite.

Download the Ignite Scholarship Application

Please note: For each scholarship there is a maximum lifetime award of up to $2,500.

Looking for more information?

Contact Yadira Jameson for more details.