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Welcome to the new Central District. I am so expectant for this new season ahead and filled with hope for all the things Jesus is going to do through us together. As we move into the future, we are committed more than ever to serve you with a deep care, intentional connection and collaboration. We are thrilled to be a part of seeing more and growing leaders together on mission for Jesus.

Antonio Sims
Central District Supervisor

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Central District Summer Camp 2022

Camp is a time for students and leaders to leave their everyday context and fully immerse themselves in God's presence. Not only does it allow students and leaders to connect with God more intimately, but also it bonds a group together in a powerful way. There's nothing like experiencing the presence of God in community. By clicking the button below, you'll find a list of camps and dates around the Central District. This list will continue to be updated, so check back for the most accurate information.

Meet your Regional Mission Mobilizers

In each of the six regions across the Central District, we have a Regional Mobilizer here to serve you. The Regional Mobilizers are your first point of contact for sending to the mission field with Foursquare Missions International. Regional Mobilizers love to meet with people who have a desire for the mission field – whether you’re ready to apply to FMI today or it’s a dream far off in the future. We’re here to help potential future missionary workers explore their calling, connect with FMI leaders and take initial steps. We’re also here to help pastors and churches identify, support, and send our Foursquare ministers into all the world. As a bridge between FMI and your local church, we’re here to serve and we would love to connect with you.

Meet Your Mission Mobilizer Today

Meet your regional and area pastors

Meet your new Central District regional and area pastor team. Regional and area pastors are an extension of district leadership teams and exist to bring care to our pastors and leaders. Read more about these new roles, or meet the team.

Meet the Team

Meet your district team

Antonio Sims
District Supervisor


Beth Hackbarth
Associate Supervisor


Pam Wold
Associate Supervisor


Lauren Rodriguez
Administrative Support


Diana Vonfeldt
District Administrator


P.J. Moon
District Communications + Events Coordinator


Peter Henderson
District Mission Mobilizer


Andy Millar
Multiethnic Ministry Coordinator


Tami Jones
NextGen Coordinator


Have Questions? We have answers!

The Foursquare One Team is here to serve you from credentialing to retirement. Here are just a few ways we support you and your church.



Reach out to our excellent credentials team, who will help guide your future minister through the process. Learn how to become a Foursquare minister.
Our Properties Services Team is here to help. Check out our helpful Properties webpage to get started whether you want to sign a new lease, refinance, sell, or do a cell phone lease on your property. Be sure to reach out to them early, they are ready to help!
Absolutely! Each district has a dedicated NextGen person; you can find yours in the staff list above! They work with our National NextGen Coordinator Marcus Ellington. Learn more about our NextGen ministries as well as summer camps.
Great question. You can always visit to find news updates, stories from the field, and lots of practical tools. Also, stay tuned to your district emails and Foursquare emails for updates and support. You'll also find Foursquare on social media @WeAreFoursquare and the Central District on Facebook and Instagram.
Of course! We have been sending missionaries from the very beginning, and we won't be stopping until all have heard! Be sure to reach out to your district's missionary mobilizer (in the staff list above), or reach out directly to Foursquare Missions International.

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The Central District is a distributed team. There are no longer district offices. Instead, your team is spread across your district, ready to serve you. Contact an individual member of the team, or call your district at 213.201.4840.

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