2019 Foursquare Cabinet Overview

On Monday, March 11, 2019, the diverse members of the Foursquare cabinet convened for three days of meetings to discuss the business of the Foursquare movement, pray together and seek the will of the Lord, especially regarding the upcoming presidential election. Coming from around the nation and with varied perspectives, this advisory body to the board of directors meets at least once a year to assess where we’re heading as a movement and discuss steps that will keep us aligned for greater fruitfulness.

This year, with the presidential election in sight, the majority of the days were spent reviewing the nominee selection process, interviewing potential candidates and voting on the final names that will be presented to the convention body and absentee voters for consideration this May. Tammy Dunahoo and Randy Remington are the 2019 presidential candidates; read the news announcement here. Additional details will be available at 4sq.ca/election2019.

There was much to discuss beyond the election proceedings as the cabinet also attended to normal annual responsibilities. Summaries of the 2018 reports from our executives were presented with a general feeling of optimism as well as intentionality to keep on track for the future. Bylaw updates were also reviewed that will keep our corporate documents current and relevant into the future.

The full reports are now posted for review, and each executive will present a summary via video to the convention body in May. Some of the highlights shared include:

  • President’s Report: With Stake 1 firmly planted in aligning everything to the Great Commission, President Glenn Burris Jr. shared the great progress made on the Five Stakes of Reimagine Foursquare in the past four years, and the ways they have strengthened us as a movement.
  • National Church Office Report: One special highlight that Tammy Dunahoo shared in her presentation was a picture of the potential in our family—over 18,000 young people were involved in our camping program last year, resulting in thousands of first-time decisions for Christ, Holy Spirit baptisms and calls to ministry.
  • Missions Report: With Foursquare Missions International having more workers than ever around the world, global partnerships creating new inroads, and strong contributions to the Global Missions Fund, Ted Vail celebrated both the strategic efforts and great successes of our missions endeavors last year.
  • Operations Report: Adam Davidson was able to report over $800,000 in reduced costs in the past few years, and he paired that with celebration over the intentional development of improved systems being implemented to better serve our pastors and churches.
  • Financial Report: After multiple years of strong financial records and record low delinquencies on loans, the 2018 report presented by Ron Thigpenn gave great reason to be confident in the continued financial health of The Foursquare Church.

Before the meetings ended, a quick update was given on the great momentum toward the upcoming Foursquare Connection 2019, to be held in Nashville, Tenn., May 27-30. Current early registration numbers have exceeded past early registration, showing a sense of excitement for our family gathering in Music City. In addition, hotels have filled up with unprecedented speed. Work is being done to open more facilities and ensure all attendees are able to be a part of this highly anticipated event.

Cabinet wrapped with a sense of optimism and strength. As in recent years, there was a genuine feeling of confidence that our best days are still ahead of us, as we continue to invest into our future and have the needed conversations to keep us focused on the Great Commission.